We get things done: fast and right.

Pixeljets is a team of Anton Sidashin and Oleg Sidashin, two brothers and passionate developers who build and maintain software products for the modern web.

Our projects

We have a track record of successful products built from scratch for our customers and on our own, the most noteworthy are:

  • Qwintry (one of the biggest mail-forwarders and crossborder shopping platforms in the world),
  • ApiRoad (SaaS platform&marketplace for APIs, with best-in-class analytics for HTTP requests).
  • OakPdf (Cloud PDF Editor with optional paper scanner effect).
  • Telegram bot for Google Forms Telegram bot which creates wizard bots from Google Forms and proxies telegram users submissions back to parent Google Form
  • GasFeesNow (Gas fees tracker across ETH, BSC, Polygon and Tron)
  • ScrapeNinja High performance Chrome TLS handshake emulation for scraping.

ScrapeNinja.net cloud scraping API

I am bootstrapping ScrapeNinja.net SaaS, which helps to retrieve and extract websites data on scale, and this is my most exciting project yet. Quick overview of ScrapeNinja low code web scraper builder:

Anton Sidashin

I am a web developer and CTO with 15+ years of experience, and I am passionate about building small profitable SaaS & getting things done. I specialize in high performance, networking tech and APIs, SRE, automation via Puppeteer.js, web scraping in general, and SQL databases. I am doing a micro-dose of amateur sports every day to stay happy and productive, so I love walking, cross-country skiing, hiking, running, snowboarding, moto enduro, street workout, and swimming on open water, and I am usually residing in Slovenia, Italy, United States, or magnificent Mediterranean coast of Turkey.

Most notable blog posts

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I will be happy to chat with you

If you are building a software project, I will be happy to chat with you and give you my honest feedback, free of charge. My areas of expertise are:

  • Building long-term SaaS business with small team, or solo
  • Web scrapers & the process of integrating web scrapers into startup data lakes
  • Telegram bots

My tech stack is: Linux, JavaScript (Node.js, Deno, Vue.js), PHP (Laravel), MySQL & Clickhouse.

Contact me via telegram or email pixeljetsdev at gmail

The graveyard of my indie projects

These projects are either suspended or are not actively maintained anymore:

  • Gmail delivery tester Check if your email lands in primary, in promotions, or in spam.
  • Social Network Scraping Api Social network scraping API, powered by Node.js & Puppeteer
  • Puppeteer Automation Visa Bot Telegram bot with Node.js & Puppeteer under the hood, monitors slots on visa website, and submits applications on behalf of customers when slots appear