ScrapeNinja is a pure web scraping API tool with a convenient online web scraper builder sandbox that allows to experiment with web scraper options and parameters, and it also generates web scraper code in Node.js and Python to run it later in your own environment. ScrapeNinja web scraper builder It also has a Cheerio sandbox, which comes in handy when you've already dumped the HTML and need to quickly iterate over your Javascript-powered selectors to extract useful data. ScrapeNinja Cheerio sandbox Though ScrapeNinja interfaces are a bit overloaded with text and instructions, I appreciate how this product does not try to hide web scraping complexity from the customer, and shows (and explains) a lot of technical details related to a web scraping process. I liked ScrapeNinja's low latency for web scraping requests, built-in proxy rotation, with multiple geos available even on free plans, and RapidAPI sandbox for a quick start. The pricing is also very reasonable.

Free Plan:
500 non-JS requests, 50 JS requests
Starts from $25/mo, 100K API requests, proxy rotation