Zyte is a rather big company with many tools for data extraction. In fact, founders of Zyte are the same people who created Scrapy, a popular Python web scraping framework. Read more about this: https://www.zyte.com/blog/history-of-zyte-formerly-scrapinghub/

The pricing for their web scraping API is highly dynamic and varies greatly by:

Here is a quick example: 100K successful requests to tier 5 website, with rendered HTML will cost an impressive 960 USD Zyte pricing

There is no free plan, you get 30 day trial on signup. As of 2023, Zyte offers three products:

Zyte API

(and you get $5 credit for it on signup)

Smart Proxy Manager

14 day trial up to 10K requests.

Starter plan includes: 50K requests Additional request at $10 per 10K Automatic retries Geolocation Cookie management & browser profiles Anti-ban management

Free Plan:
pricing varies by tier of website