There were no updates to our themes section for a while. We were busy building big customer projects, but at last, we managed to take a break to bring our own products to new level of maturity.

The main news are:

  1. Our premium themes now use Pixeljets Core theme (which is free), so every subtheme inherits its styles, theme settings, and all the other stuff under the hood. I'm excited with all these new cool admin section styles and iPhone sliders in theme settings, that is what I call premium :) and I'm sure our customers will like them. Check Core theme details page to learn more.
  2. We now use Git version control in-house to manage our themes. I was going to make my hands dirty in Git for ages, and now I was able use it in a real-life project, at last! The experience with Git was great, I especially loved cool features like git rebase. is going to switch to Git soon, from old and clumsy CVS repositories (historical remark: Dick Grune developed CVS as a series of shell scripts in July 1986. Git was designed and created in 2005 by Linus Torvalds for Linux kernel development), and that was the main factor in our choice.
  3. Production releases are created automatically (by a simple bash script) when developer commits any changes to master branch in repository, so synchronizing our development files and production releases is now a breeze. Ubercart just grabs these files from protected directory, and uses them as 'file feature'.
  4. Our themes demo website now uses multisiting for code, but separate databases. And I think we are going to switch to single database later.
  5. And the last, but not least! We've launched our new Drupal theme - Blogroller. It uses Pixeljets Core theme as a base, ofc.