Sending emails with attachments in Ubercart

Ubercart has its own CA (Conditional Actions) module which purpose is to execute some actions when certain events happen — you can find CA configuration screen on admin/store/ca/overview. The most typical CA use case is sending emails to customers when order is placed. But, I couldn’t find any answers on how files can be attached to these emails. Sending attachment can be an essential feature of your Ubercart store - potentially, you can send your software product attached to email to customer when order was approved, or you can send .pdf with invoice for printing, and lots of other use cases. Here is the related thread on with no answers:… Read more »

Manage your Drupal website faster: best modules available

Working in vanilla Drupal 6.x admin interface can be a real pain for average content manager, and sometimes even for developer. Things are much better in Drupal 7, but 6.x branch is still very strong in terms of popularity. In this post I’ve reviewed modules for 6.x branch, which make life of Drupal admin and moderator much easier. Pixeljets use most of these modules on every website we’re creating. Read more »

Adding "Price" field to Ubercart cart page

On the /cart page of Ubercart store, you can usually see such fields:

That’s total price per row, and amount of products per row.

For a customer project, I wanted to add single item price to this page, to make it look like this:

Read more »

Disabling module updates

Okay, every honest Drupal developer knows, that hacking core is a bad thing. Hacking contributed module is not the best thing in the world, too — for obvious reasons: modules get updates , and updating module is very easy, unless you’ve applied some hacks to it.

But, sometimes, we need to apply some changes to some contrib module. If it is a big customer site, we can’t just say “Hey guys, your team can update this module and this module using drush, but don’t touch this module, please!”. That’s just ugly, that someone needs to remember such stuff — and I bet that in 2 weeks they forget and download new version of module from And all our work is lost.

So, the solution here is to disable specific module updates automation.  Read more »

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