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Packt Publishing book - Premium Drupal themes

In 2013 I was invited by Packt Publishing to play a role of technical reviewer in one of their books.
Just got my sample of the book “Premium Drupal Themes” by mail.
It was an honor and nice experience for me, and now I hope to find time and become an author some day :)

Improving user experience: using Dialogs for profile edit in modal forms

We are now developing big Drupal 7 project where users have profiles with lots of fields.
They also have a node tied to them (“My story”) which is created during registration.

Initially, these were “edit my profile” and “edit my story” links which were leading to a huge forms where user was scared by amount of elements.

And that is the result of UI improvements:
Modal 1

and after clicking “Edit” near “Hobby” item…
Modal 1

So, basically, user has separate small form for photo upload, separate form for about field, and separate form for small details. Read more »

It's time for updates

There were no updates to our themes section for a while. We were busy building big customer projects, but at last, we managed to take a break to bring our own products to new level of maturity.

The main news are:

  1. Our premium themes now use Pixeljets Core theme (which is free), so every subtheme inherits its styles, theme settings, and all the other stuff under the hood. I’m excited with all these new cool admin section styles and iPhone sliders in theme settings, that is what I call premium :) and I’m sure our customers will like them. Check Core theme details page to learn more.
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